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A passionate team with a great entrepreneurial spirit

Our mision

Provide the members of each organization that calls us, a more effective way to achieve their objectives.

Mirco J. Bombieri


Information Systems Engineer & Specialist in Management Engineering (UTN). As an entrepreneur he participated in the constitution of multiple projects. Fullstack software developer since 2006, since both services provided by institutions and government and university offices, as well as companies and private businesses.

Demir G. Bombieri


Superior Technician in Light Mechanics graduated from the Technological Institute of Motors of Buenos Aires. Has experience in transportation and financial management, previously worked in the agricultural sector.

Lucas F. Schneider

Web Team Leader

Information Systems Engineer graduated from the National Technological University in 2005, with extensive experience in management, design, construction and implementation of software projects in the national and international scope.

Virginia Vaccari

Graphics and Web Design

Licensed in Visual Communication Design graduated from the National University of the Coast, Santa Fe. From its professionalism, constant updating and good attention, it provides communication and design responses in an integral, creative and effective way for every need.

Ileana A. Sack

Account Executive

Systems Analyst, graduated from the National Technological University, works with great commitment and proactive attitude to achieve the objectives.

Francisco M. Fazzio

Delivery Manager

Information Systems Engineer, with extensive experience in the software industry, providing solutions with a variety of technologies, from Cobol RM85, ABAP-SAP and different tools for web applications.

Matias Racca

Software Designer

Bachelor of Systems (National University of La Plata) with experience in software development and management, both in projects of private companies and the provincial and national public sector. Solid communication and problem solving skills.

Emanuel Richieri

Web Developer

Advanced student of Information Systems Engineering, he studied at the UTN of Concepción del Uruguay. It has a technical profile that allows you to solve complex problems in a very simple way.

Guillermo Mayoraz

Wordpress Specialist

Internet user since the mid 90's. Today it is dedicated to analyzing sites with the objective of optimizing them to the maximum with the objective that the user experience is full. SEO and interface designer, in many of the projects that include the creation and use of webs and mobile interfaces.

Aldo Orsini

Web Developer

Information Systems Engineer, The attitude and passion in what I undertake join in training and professional experience. The constant search for growth, adaptability and communication strengths are the pillars in my projects.

Fernando Escalante

Web Developer

Engineer in Information Systems, graduated from the National Technological University, Regional of Concepción del Uruguay. With an entrepreneurial character, his vocation and dedication are a key tool in his way of solving problems and facing the implementation of requirements.

Sebastián Blanc

Mobile Developer

Advanced student of Degree in Information Systems, he carries out his studies at the UADER of Entre Ríos, located in the city of Concepción del Uruguay. As an entrepreneur, he started at age 16 in the computer sector, repairing computers. Self-taught and in constant search of personal growth.

Eric Bastida

Jr Consultant

Computer engineer, graduated from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL) province of Santa Fe. Expert in Computer Forensics (LACCCF); amateur robotics and new technologies that help the development of the company's projects.


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We support more than 60 national and international clients. Delivering solutions for key sector as: Insurance, Hotels, Logistics, Software, Agriculture, Construction and Collection.

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37, Los Constituyentes Bvd , Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Phone: +54 03442 431118
E-mail: info@bombieri.com.ar