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A software factory is a development environment that allows building specific kind of computer application in a quickly way. In this line, it is possible to think that the key to achieving the highest levels of productivity lies in having the ability to quickly configure, adapt, and assemble independently developed components; for building similar families systems, but different ones.

Software development based on components has always been the revolutionary idea that led us think that it was possible to build quality software quickly. Looking backward, we see the progress made in understanding the right way to reuse software and existing knowledge, and we are increasingly astonished to realize that this is just the beginning. In this way the software development based on components became the mainstay of the Industrial Software Revolution and is projected today in several new ways to make quality software with the lowest costs on the market and in times that were previously unthinkable .

Web & Desktop apps

Using agile methodologies allows better delivery speed and ensures greater customer participation in the development process, to obtain feedback in short cycles and avoid significant deviations from the original plans.

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Android & iOS development

We help our clients to build attractive user experiences, to reach their audience objectives effectively. We build native or hybrid applications on multiple platforms, such as iOS or Android.

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Online store

We build custom online stores (e-commerce), with professional design for any kind of business. We integrate you current ERP software with online shop.

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Hardware equipment combined with tracking software. Ideal for monitoring and controlling, locally or remotely, different variables in different environments, such as: temperature, humidity, speeds, flows, and many more.

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Bastik provides tools to perform, in an agile way, the registration, monitoring and management of operational and tax information. With great alternatives to perform the daily tasks of a service company, a trade or small industry.

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Peddler Presale

Peddler Presale is a mobile application that makes easy pre-sales and data collection with offline or real-time interaction. Through its interface can be integrated to any management software.

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Dabarú Logistics

Dabarú Logistics, offers a way that simplifies delivery and distribution operations, allowing you to record delivery information or package status, synchronizing information in real time or at the end of your day.

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Customized Software

Developing custom software is the best way to get a tool tailored to your business needs, especially when the business schema is not compatible with standard software products on market.

Aligned with your strategy

Our services aim to achieve greater efficiency in the business processes of your company with the simple idea of ​​formalizing the most familiar operational tasks. Because of this: we create solutions aligned with the strategy of your business.

Our way is agile

Our development environment offers an organizational scheme for development cycles execution, deviations are controlled and quality is assessed (according to customer specifications) from time zero.

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We support more than 60 national and international clients. Delivering solutions for key sector as: Insurance, Hotels, Logistics, Software, Agriculture, Construction and Collection.

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